Tremé Lafitte Housing Redevelopment

Square Footage: 27.5 acres

Owner: Lafitte Redevelopment LLC

Architect: Eskew+Dumez+Ripple, Michael Willis Architects

Completion Date: 2011

After Hurricane Katrina, a New-York based firm oversaw the redevelopment of a 27.5-acre parcel of land in the Treme’ Lafitte neighborhood of New Orleans. Broadmoor, in a joint venture with Milton J. Womack, has provided approximately $85.6 million in construction contract value to the Treme’ Lafitte Redevelopment Plan under five individually negotiated contracts.  This housing, built in the traditional New Orleans vernacular of classic wood-framing, now exists in far greater sync with the surrounding neighborhoods, allowing the residents to live a far more inclusive lifestyle alongside their neighbors.

Woven into the fabric of our company culture is the desire for continuous improvement as we strive each day to improve upon the work we completed yesterday, allowing us to better serve our community.

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