Broadmoor strategically identifies project risk and determines where technology can assist.

Broadmoor knows the right technology can make or break a project. We find the tools our people need to do their best work. Building scanning and x-ray often provides information that makes our estimates as accurate and reliable as possible. We use 4-D scheduling (integration of model to the schedule) when it would be beneficial. Technology plays a key role in determining the feasibility of prefabrication in the project, which benefits the project schedule.

When technology gives the project an advantage in managing time, cost or risk, we explore it.

The Right Tech for the Right Projects

Ground Penetrating Radar

GPR on foundation and floors can ensure rebar, conduits, piping, will be coordinated with new construction. The new skin will require extensive connections to the existing structure, and we will know the exact location of rebar prior to installation, thus avoiding added cost and added time associated with re-detailing and re-fabricating connections.

3D Laser Scanning

3D Laser Scans will identify as built dimensional discrepancies and provide the accuracy needed to quickly develop shop drawings. The 3D scan will be incorporated into the architect’s model and will allow for key skin element shop drawings to be created and checked in 3D.

Building Information Modeling

BIM will allow for consideration of potentially utilizing prefabrication of Walls and MEP (mechanical, electrical, and plumbing) and tracking of MEP Systems.


The 3D Scan, Model, and BIM can all be used together to bring prefabrication to life. Extensive MEP systems can benefit from not only the schedule savings, but also the quality enhancement of prefabrication and Modular Racking. 

Broadmoor will lead the charge in providing input to the design team to maximize the schedule and cost savings on our projects.

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