Our Preconstruction Process

The best opportunity for ensuring project quality and cost savings occur during the early planning and design stages.  Broadmoor’s role during this process is to provide leadership, develop and maintain project controls for budget and schedule, and provide information which all stakeholders can use to make informed decisions.

Our preconstruction services provide the tools that will set the project on the proper course that ensures an effective foundation to build upon for the project’s success.

  • Conduct meetings, manage information, review documents
  • Prepare budgets/ estimates
  • Provide cost management alternatives
  • Prepare cash flow analysis
  • Develop Schedule
  • Prepare bid package and scope of work categories
  • Solicit subcontractors and vendors
  • Plan construction staging and site management

Whether the contract is construction management, design-assist, or design-build, Broadmoor’s approach to preconstruction is to first establish a team that can effectively define and respond to the challenges of a project.  Our team utilizes an interactive design review process to develop and update the construction budget and schedule, provide value engineering solutions, create constructability assessments, and develop bid packages for subcontractor scopes.

The preconstruction phase is when opportunities for a successful project are realized.  At this crucial stage, Broadmoor works with the project team to evaluate the design and budget to identify and highlight potential problems. As issues are identified, Broadmoor works with the project and ownership teams to find potential solutions.

Using this interactive approach, Broadmoor’s preconstruction team, together with the project designers and planners, often work to develop a Guaranteed Maximum Price (GMP) if desired, or simply develop a Lump Sum for project construction.  This integrated GMP process actively engages design and planning professionals, who will be able to participate actively throughout the entire preconstruction process.

Featured Projects

Projects above included extensive preconstruction planning, specifically involving innovative project scheduling techniques, extensive site logistics plans, and successful target value design implementation.