One entity, one contract, one unified flow of work, from initial concept through completion.

One of the primary reasons to choose Design-Build over the traditional construction project delivery is to shorten the length of time for a project. The enhanced coordination of design and construction methods, the coordination of MEP, collaboration between consultants can be a great source of streamlining a project in the field as well as on the drawing table.

But Design-Build is not simply overlapping construction activities. It is early design collaboration efforts and a single source of responsibility for the client. The team is on the same page at the beginning and throughout the entire process. At the outset, comprehensive understanding of the design, clear, proactive sequencing in procurement and in construction field operations yields a project with fewer surprises and fewer coordination issues.

Design-Build project methodology is seeing a resurgence in the marketplace on projects that are suited to this type of delivery.  Broadmoor has been providing Design-Build services for many years and is please to see this building delivery method grow in popularity throughout the industry.

Our Design-Build Process

As a full-service construction firm, Broadmoor offers comprehensive services including in-house design-build project delivery.  Broadmoor has thirty years of experience in design-build project delivery.  We pioneered the development of design-build services in our region in the early 1980’s and continue to see this form of project delivery grow in both public and private markets.

Broadmoor can provide strategic design-assist services on a project, or provide complete leadership from conceptual design development through project commissioning.  Broadmoor has played an integral role in some of the largest design-build projects in the New Orleans area.

Design-Build is an integrated project approach that delivers design and construction services under one contract with a single point of responsibility. Owners select design-build to achieve best value while meeting a demanding schedule, managing cost, and maintaining quality goals.  Our in-house design team takes pride in never compromising design functionality, innovation, or aesthetics. 

Phases of Design Build Project Delivery

  • Programming
  • Conceptual Design
  • Design Development
  • Construction Documents
  • Construction Administration
  • Closeout
Broadmoor’s professionals are widely trained with a unique interaction between design and construction personnel which streamlines the planning and preconstruction phase, as our architects understand construction and our builders understand design. The strength afforded by the combined resources affords a balance which allows us to work seamlessly as a team, ultimately providing a successful building delivery.