St. George's Episcopal School classroom

St. George's Episcopal School

Client: St. George Episcopal School
Location: New Orleans, LA
Architect: Waggoner & Ball
Date of Completion: June 2016

The St. George’s Episcopal School needed to expand its operation on its limited campus one block off of Magazine Street in Uptown New Orleans. The expansion within the available space features a new two-story structure for the New Early Childhood Development Center.  The building completed in late 1800’s required extensive masonry brick and plaster restoration, which was completed by our in-house master masonry craftsman.

The new construction connects the two existing educational buildings, requiring the layout of a new foundation in a very tight footprint, closely surrounded by the tight residential environment of Uptown New Orleans.  The logistics of the location, as well as the continued presence of students, teachers, and administrators on campus required careful planning and consideration of the immediate and future environmental responsibility.