City Park Clubhouse Outdoor Dining

City Park Clubhouse

City Park Clubhouse

Client: Bayou District Foundation
Location: New Orleans, LA
Architect: Broadmoor Design-Build
Date of Completion: April 2017

Broadmoor helped New Orleans City Park expand its golf course to provide a broader capability to host major sporting events. Part of transforming the City Park Golf Course into a PGA-worthy 18-hole operation includes a new clubhouse, designed and constructed by Broadmoor to accommodate the increase in activity. The Acadian-style, wood framed architecture reflects the architectural vernacular of our subtropical culture. This project provides the course with approximately 13,500 square feet of new construction. Clubhouse Operations include 10,500 square feet of interior spaces, while the rest is composed of deep covered porches. The building houses the administrative offices, restrooms, pro shop, restaurant, meeting room, board room, and commercial kitchen.

courtyard in La Cire Wax Museum Condominium Conversion

Wax Museum Condominium Conversion

La Cire Wax Museum Condominium Conversion

Client: 917 Conti LLC

Location: New Orleans, LA

Architect: Broadmoor LLC,  Design-Build

Architect: Harry Baker Smith

Date of Completion: April 2018

The La Cire Wax Museum Condos project has recently transformed a New Orleans icon of old into a new, multi-family luxury residential building.  The 22,000 SF building will grow to approximately 41,000 square feet with the requisite renovation and two multi-level structural additions to this historic commercial building.  Broadmoor had the opportunity to perform the design and construction of this project, reviving the building building that has been out of commission since Hurricane Katrina.  The historic building from 1900’s  located in the heart of the French Quarter now consists of sixteen (16) high-end, luxury-condominiums, a courtyard featuring a water wall installation, and a rooftop pool.  The renovation included the complete removal of all interior elements and the roof while leaving the exterior party walls.  Broadmoor provided BIM Modeling on all building components in order to properly plan and execute the project.

George Washington Carver School New Orleans East

George Washington Carver High School

George Washington Carver High School

Client: Recovery School District

Location: New Orleans, LA

Architect: Broadmoor LLC

Date of Completion: March 2016

The Recovery School District originally sent the George Washington Carver High School project to bid multiple times under standard procurement methods.  Not being able to achieve the budget, RSD ultimately chose to explore Design-Build opportunities, and Broadmoor was awarded the opportunity to work as the Design-Build contractor on the new GW Carver School.  Broadmoor coordinated all design scopes of work to meet the owner’s program, balancing quality, cost, and schedule, all while facing challenging weather permitting scenarios.  Ultimately, project completed under budget, on-time, and with zero safety incidents.

Broadmoor was recognized for our DBE strategy, approach, and management throughout the entire construction process. While exceeding the established DBE goals of 35%, Broadmoor was able to help mentor and develop new DBE subcontractors, and we have successfully maintained long standing relationships with many of them.  The amount of preconstruction planning, coordination, pricing iterations, and value engineering solutions proposed allowed us to work very closely with the owner, and ensure all of their needs were met.

“The Broadmoor team showed exemplary performance throughout the entire Design-Build process, and was a pleasure to work with from the start, consistently proactive in working with the State of Louisiana to ensure we received a quality building that was on time and within  budget.  This team has exceeded our expectations in both their customer service, attention to details, and quality of construction. We look forward to working with them again… Having expended over $1.4 Billion to date, I consider Broadmoor and the Carver project one of, if not the most successful project undertaken in the program.”

-Ronald H. Bordelon Chief Facilities Officer - LA Department of Education Recovery School District.
Ochsner Parking Garage & Expansion Under Construction

Ochsner Parking Garage & Expansion

Ochsner Parking Garage & Expansion

Client:  Ochsner Clinic Foundation

Location:  Jefferson, LA

Architect:  Broadmoor LLC

Original Garage Completion: 2006

Expansion Completion: October 2016

Broadmoor designed and constructed the original Ochsner parking garage in 2006, a four story structure, with the ability for future expansion. As Ochsner has undertaken multiple campus wide expansions, additional parking was needed to service these new facilities. As the garage was located in the center of campus and full a majority of the time, Ochsner relied on Broadmoor to provide an effective strategy to construct the new garage floors, within budget, all while maintaining access to at least 50% of the existing parking spaces at all times throughout the duration of construction.  Numerous coordination meetings were held with the owner, A&E team members, and subcontractors to plan and coordinate the construction efforts. 4-D models, in conjunction with the project schedule, were used to visually indicate all open and closed areas. Broadmoor was able to satisfy the owner’s needs to maintain existing parking spaces, while providing a safe construction area.

As the Design-Builder for the project, our construction team worked hand-in-hand with our in-house architecture staff to ensure all design elements were coordinated and aligned with the budget. Initial concept budgets were generated early in the design process, validated at each design milestone, culminating with the execution of a GMP at the end of CD phase.  Because of our hands-on approach to this process, the project was completed under budget, 3 weeks early, and had zero safety incidents.

Dickie Brennan's Tableau Restaurant Dining Room

Dickie Brennan’s Tableau Restaurant

Dickie Brennan's Tableau Restaurant

Client: 616 St.Peter Street, LLC

Location: New Orleans, LA

Architect: Broadmoor Design-Build

Date of Completion: June 2013

Located on a prime corner of the famed-Jackson Square in the New Orleans French Quarter, the Le Petit Theater is a treasured facility within the performing arts community.  Originally purchased by the community theater troupe in 1922, the building is a masonry structure protected by the city’s Vieux Carre commission.  After significant ownership and leadership transitions in 2010, it was determined that the facility would be converted into a joint restaurant and theater facility – creating an expanded theater-going experience and new revenue stream for the facility.

Broadmoor was selected as the Design-Build Contractor, and was tasked with managing the challenging design and construction process of fitting of a full service fine dining restaurant and community theater into an existing three-story, 25,000 square foot space.

Due to the building’s central French Quarter context and historic significance, our team was mindful of preserving the integrity of the exterior while transforming the interior into the owners’ vision. Though the theatre and restaurant renovations were a challenge through both the design and construction phases, the project brought to life the important reinvention of a cherished French Quarter community center, and we are proud to have been a part of returning Le Petit to full operations for the City and its guests.