The Shell Appomattox Living Quarters Module

Shell Appomattox Living Quarters

Client: Shell Oil Company
Location: Ingleside, TX
Architect: W.S. Nelson
Date of Completion: August 2017

The Shell Appomattox Living Quarters Module is a 40,000 square foot building for placement on the Appomattox Oil Production Platform to be situated in the waters of the Gulf of Mexico.  Broadmoor provided the construction of the architectural outfitting for the module, which included the interior living spaces (approximately 50 bedrooms), athletic facility, conference rooms, professional kitchen, dining room, laboratory spaces, and numerous storage systems.  Construction took place at the Kiewit Facilities in Ingleside, TX.

With over 250,000 man-hours worked, no loss time accidents occurred, and Broadmoor’s team was awarded the Safety Crew of the month three times in a 12 month period.