NASA Michoud Assembly Facility Cell Interior

NASA Michoud Assembly Facility

Client: NASA Michoud

Location: New Orleans, LA

Architect: Jacobs Technologies, Inc.

Date of Completion: February 2016

The Michoud Assembly Facility is an 832-acre site owned by NASA in New Orleans East. Organizationally, it is part of NASA’s Marshall Space Flight Center, and is currently a multi-tenant complex, allowing commercial and government contractors, as well as government agencies, to use the site.  Most recently, Broadmoor built  the new, $26 million Vertical Assembly Building, bringing an important piece of NASA’s vision for the future of human space flight and exploration to reality.  The building will serve as the campus’s main production facility that accommodates the unique requirements associated with ARES I Upper Stage final assembly operations.

In addition, Broadmoor has also completed renovations existing NASA industrial buildings, constructing new equipment platforms, and the construction of a $21 million redundant pump-station.

The Swedish industrial company ESAB, as a private contractor of NASA, contracted Broadmoor to construct the new Vertical Assembly Center for use by the new heavy-lift Space Launch System. The system is designed to support the materials and craft necessary for NASA’s anticipated Mission to Mars.  This Vertical Assembly Center is the first of its kind in North America, and built alongside construction work at Florida’s Kennedy Space Center.

Broadmoor is proud to be part of such a monumental endeavor, which may take America – and all mankind – further into the future of space travel.