Ochsner Emergency COVID Buildout

Square Footage: 120,000 SF

Owner: Ochsner Clinic Foundation

Architect: Rozas Ward

Completion Date: July 2020

In just 103 days, under the stress and uncertainty of the COVID-19 pandemic, Broadmoor maintained the health and safety of the whole team throughout the completion of 102 new ICU beds, 90,000 square feet of 3 floors on top of an existing and active Ochsner hospital tower. Our team overcame many logistical and scheduling challenges to create a safe environment for the people suffering at this time. To finish the Ochsner Emergency COVID Buildout project within 3 months of mobilizing, Broadmoor bypassed the typical 10-12 week lead times for material procurement for everything from flooring to doors that had to meet hospital and fire code and provide design continuity for the hospital. These challenges and unique project requirements that Broadmoor overcame serve as a testament as to how we Honorably Serve Our Communities.

“The Broadmoor team showed exemplary performance throughout the entire process and was a pleasure to work with throughout the high-paced, accelerated Ochsner Emergency COVID Buildout project. They provided a consistent and proactive approach in working with Ochsner to ensure we received a quality buildout of 90,000-sqft., 102 ICU patient-rooms in 100 days, and within budget, and delivered in 3 months.”

James P. Britsch – Systems Vice President, Facilities

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