Core Purpose &

Core Values

Our Core Purpose is the foundation of our organization and the work we do, and our Core Values are why and how we do what we do.

Our Core Purpose

“To Honorably Serve Our Communities”

This means that we raise the bar for our industry. The good work we do is appreciated by our community and the clients that we serve. When people hear that Broadmoor is building the project, they know it will be done on time and built right. Our Core Values are the guiding principles that describe who we are and how we do our work. No matter how the world changes, these core values will remain the same.

Core Values

“We Treat Our People Like Family”

We are a business of families and we take care of our people when they are in need. In good times and bad, we believe the key to success is investing in our employees. When employees are treated right, they can provide the highest level of service to our customers. We also ensure that our teams are equipped with the latest technology so they can provide the best outcomes with the least inconvenience. It is an honor to work alongside people who share our values and are committed to a purpose that is bigger than building a job and making money.

Core Values

“Do the Right Thing”

We believe in doing the right thing, no matter what. Dealing with our customers honestly and going to any lengths to ensure the safety of our employees is our top priority. If it’s worth doing, it’s worth doing right. In doing so, we take no shortcuts, even if it will cost us money. We are members of a community and it important to us to be known for our complete transparency and the quality of our work.

Core Values

“Perpetuate the Legacy by Being a Part of Something Special”

Broadmoor is special because of the dedication and experience of its people and the pride that we have in our work, and in serving our community. Our founders gave us a gift of building an enduring company, and our job to continue their legacy by honorably serving our community.

Core Values

“We Keep Our Promises”

If we say it, we’re going to do it. When we signed up to complete the Superdome renovations after Katrina, we promised to complete them in time for the Saints team’s first game back in the dome. The company made a wonderful effort and completed the job on time. It was a big promise because it had a big spotlight on it, but keeping promises is the key to our everyday work. We do what we say we are going to do so people can count on us.

Core Values

“Never Be Satisfied”

No matter how well we do our jobs, we want to do better. There’s no room in what we do for complacency and we have to be constantly improving. It’s not comparing ourselves to anyone else, it is about comparing ourselves to what is possible, and striving to improve every aspect of our business.

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