Enjoying Over 45 Years in the Building Industry

Broadmoor Corporation was founded in 1973 to pursue commercial building contracts in the merit shop field. From its inception to 1984, Broadmoor started with non-union plant work at Tenneco, and a few years later, focused on non-union highway work. Broadmoor’s projects over its first decade of service represent a variety of warehousing and industrial projects, the most notable of which include the Pic’n’Save project and the McFrugals warehouse, both completed in the late 1980s. Broadmoor sought and won the $89 million New Orleans Convention Center Expansion in the late 1980’s, and after successfully delivering this milestone project, had the privilege of performing the $193 million-dollar expansion in the winter of 2000. The pursuit and execution of high-profile commercial projects set the foundation for many successful large-scale endeavors in New Orleans and the surrounding region for the next 20+ years.

Group of Broadmoor Employees


      Broadmoor has a long history of effectively

delivering building services with a team of experienced professionals sharing a long history together in the local construction market. As a wholly owned subsidiary of Boh Bros, we have direct access to heavy civil construction expertise, estimating resources, and market knowledge from a company that has been building in New Orleans and the Gulf Coast region for over a century. Arthur P. Boh founded our parent company in 1909, and Boh Bros. Construction Co. LLC soon took on their first major project; four double residential buildings at the corner of Banks Street and Hagan Avenue. This project continues to serve as a reminder of the substantial contributions Boh Bros has made to New Orleans infrastructure over the last 100+ years. Their mark on this region includes 29 of the city’s 31 overpasses constructed by the time World War II began. This legacy has since spanned across a variety of successful projects from the Causeway Bridge to the largest municipal raw water intake system in the US, located on the corner of Dakin St and the Mississippi River. Today, their work remains focused on infrastructure and industrial projects throughout the Gulf South region.

While we have averaged around $100M in revenue for the last 25 years, this is not how we measure our success. Our philosophy is to select projects that match our corporate philosophy. This selectiveness allows us to ensure each project we pursue is staffed with our tenured and experienced employees. New Orleans is our home. We take pride in what we build and how it contributes to our communities.

We place an emphasis on planning during both preconstruction and construction. As the founder of the New Orleans Lean Construction Institute (LCI) Community of Practice in 2017, we are focused on bringing Lean principles to our market. Lean is a culture – a culture built around teamwork, collaboration, planning, safety, and continuous improvement. We take the time to accurately plan our work in a collaborative environment with buy-in from all parties. Our Lean Principles bring value to our projects through schedule, cost efficiency and control.

In the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina in 2005, Broadmoor helped the Superdome, Tulane University, Lakeside Shopping Center, the Louisiana National Guard, and many more organizations with much needed repairs as a result of the storm. The most notable of which is the $127 million restoration and renovations to the Superdome. Additional projects completed as a direct result of the storm included the $81 million-dollar Coast Guard ISC Relocation, the NASA Michoud Facility in 2010, and the construction of a new campus for the Holy Cross School.

In 2011, a 28-acre plot of land became the Treme’ Lafitte Public Housing Development, and Broadmoor proudly took part in this $86 million dollars project, which was the first joint venture between the City of New Orleans and the private sector. Additional work during this time included the 4-year, $75-million-dollar renovations to and expansion of Monroe Hall at Loyola University completed while maintaining student safety on an active campus in 2015, 9 months ahead of schedule.

The marked success of our company over the last 45+ years has allowed us to expand by opening our Northshore office in 2017, which is currently located in Covington, Louisiana.

In 2017, our team built the 40,000 square-foot dining and living facility to be placed on the Appomattox Oil Production Platform that is situated in the Gulf of Mexico. For this project, our team was awarded Safety Crew of the month three times in a twelve-month period at the Kiewit Production Facility.

In recent years, Broadmoor completed some of our most complex projects to date, which include the 7-Story expansion to the existing Ochsner West Tower, and the subsequent Emergency Covid-19 Buildout that provided 102 new ICU beds in 100 days. Additionally, we have completed two iconic buildings on Tulane’s campus, both featuring high customized curtainwall assemblies. In 2019, Broadmoor was awarded the CM@R contract to perform the 4-year Renovations to the Superdome, marking our third return to this beloved and historic landmark. We have most recently successfully turned over Phase 1 of this legacy project and are quickly jumping onto the construction of Phase-2. Additionally we have made major strides to our Lean implementation and use of technology throughout construction at the Virgin Hotel site, a $52 million-dollar project slated for completion in the summer of 2021.

Woven into the fabric of our company culture is the desire for continuous improvement as we strive each day to improve upon the work we completed yesterday, allowing us to better serve our community.