Broadmoor NEXT

Dedicated to Expanding Our Capabilities

As a company, we emphasize the importance of never settling for “satisfactory” results when improvement is always within reach for both our community and ourselves. The Broadmoor NEXT Group was formed to nurture the next generation of leaders at Broadmoor in an environment that promotes creativity and sharing, so that we may expand our capabilities to better serve our community.  We approach our work with new, progressive strategies that encourage growth and ultimately lead to a more dynamic impact in our work, and in the communities in which we live.

Broadmoor believes in not only growing our knowledge, but the importance of passing what we have learned on to the next generation. We encourage innovative minds and initiation in the spirit of Broadmoor Next’s Core Purpose:

To Actively Seek the NEXT Opportunity to Learn, Motivate, and Serve

Members of Broadmoor Next holding sign on construction site
Members of Broadmoor NEXT and the unCommon Construction Apprentice team partnering for a build day in New Orleans.

In Every Opportunity, we strive to continually evolve by integrating five major points of interest into our goals as an organization.  These assets serve as our tools to progress forward as we work to improve ourselves and the community.

Broadmoor NEXT’s 5 Points of Interest

  1. Education and Training – for the development of our future leaders
  2. Community Involvement – to better serve our communities
  3. Office Environment – greater efficiency and creativity, health, and wellness
  4. IT – to provide the most effective tools available in our industry
  5. Business Growth Opportunities – for the continued growth of the company
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