Enjoying Over 45 Years in the Building Industry

Founded in 1973, Broadmoor was established as an expansion to Boh Bros. Construction, one of the largest civil contractors based in the State of Louisiana.  This expansion to the Boh Companies positioned Broadmoor for pursuit of commercial building projects while allowing Boh Bros. to continue concentrating its efforts in the civil construction market.  The resulting strength of the combined organizational resources is considerable, and when coupled with our joint proactive management styles, Broadmoor offers the greatest value available in the Gulf Coast Region’s commercial construction industry.

As an organization, we seek to honorably serve our communities with an emphasis on safety, environmental sustainability, and operational diversity every day. For us, our building projects are successful only when they directly contribute to the success of our clients and add value to the greater community.  Whether efficiency, productivity, or durability are the primary goals at hand, we set our bar alongside each of our clients’ and make sure to consistently work toward those achievements, while maintaining a high level of respect for the well-being of neighbors, users, and stakeholders each step of the way.

From our earliest founding, we knew that the close collaboration of designers and builders would help us better achieve consistent success for our clients, and we built our organization’s structure that way as a result.  No matter the project’s contracting structure, this unique integration of disciplines adds great value to each assignment through the benefits of professional interaction and respect, as well as immediate access to design-driven problem solving.

Since 1990, Broadmoor has grown to average over $100 million in annual revenues and has executed over $2 billion in contract value.  In the post-Katrina New Orleans region, the organization has been a high-profile player in rebuilding many aspects of our community – from reconstructing such iconic facilities as the Louisiana Superdome and the Ernest N. Morial Convention Center, to building new facilities for emerging economies.  We continue to enjoy our leadership role in the evolving future of New Orleans and the Gulf Coast today, intently studying lessons learned and humbly improving upon our work on each assignment we undertake.