Broadmoor individually and collectively strives to serve our community and values opportunities to preserve and improve its physical fabric and the quality of life of its citizens. We believe that a project must ultimately reflect its settings and protect the sites natural and historic features. Our hiring, subcontracting, and purchasing policies reflect our commitment to growth and to the importance of community-wide economic vitality.

Broadmoor is a member of the U.S. Green Building Council (USGBC), with LEED Accredited Professionals and LEED Green Associates on staff. With successful certifications to our credit, we are committed to maximizing responsible construction processes.

Honorably Serving Our Communities

Broadmoors design objective is to provide functionality of the project within an environmentally efficient and appealing structure. We aim to achieve efficiency through careful selection and skilled installation of systems and products that provide operational ease, durability, future adaptability, uncomplicated maintenance, and energy savings.

Building Design |  Building Construction |  Building Operation  

Each has measurable impacts on natural resource consumption and the potential for harmful environmental consequences. Design decisions determine the power and water demand, the extent of building discharges and emissions, and the quality of indoor atmosphere. Our designers address site utilization, natural and artificial lighting, and material with low environmental impact. Construction activities offer a significant opportunity to manage solid waste, fuel consumption and the potential for erosion, chemical spills and water pollution. Building operational policy controls utility consumption, equipment maintenance, and future expansion.   

John Enslen, LEED AP
Sustainability Director

Statement of Commitment to Sustainability

Broadmoor affirms that we will conduct our business in a manner that respects the aspirations and promotes the well-being of our clients, our employees, our industry, our community, and our environment.

Broadmoor commits to excellence in the built-environment we create and to protection of the natural environment we share.

We strive to create meaningful places that are appealing, efficient, safe, and durable. We strive to reflect the spirit of our community and to safeguard our good standing within it. We strive to be mindful of the consequences our efforts may have on the environment and to do no harm.

Broadmoor recognizes that the choices we make today affect future generations and will work to ensure their ability to make unencumbered, wise choices.



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