Broadmoor proudly commits to its Core Purpose:

To Honorably Serve Our Communities

Safety is a priority to achieving that goal. We utilize our proactive approach to accident and loss prevention to successfully maintain a high performance level in safety on all of our projects.

Our participation in training and partnering with construction industry organizations that maintain safety awareness promotes this level of achievement. Our safety management, one of our greatest strengths, offers stability and consistency to our performance in the field and, therefore, to the company as a whole.

Broadmoor uses a behavior-based approach to Safety Management. We instruct our subcontractors on Broadmoor’s requirements and methods for a safe work environment and require them to sign a safety agreement as part of their contract. We monitor subcontractors alongside Broadmoor forces on the jobsite throughout the project.

Broadmoor maintains an excellent EMR rating and continuously aims for the highest standards in safety. We were awarded the Associated Builders and Contractors 2016 Step Diamond Award, the highest award for safety performance in the construction industry.


Safety Core Values/Beliefs

  • No Project objective is so important that it should be pursued at the sacrifice of the safety or health of any employee.
  • The Project shall not be considered totally successful unless it is completed without injury or industrial illness.
  • Each employee on the Project is personally responsible for his/her safety and for the safety of all fellow workers.
  • Working safely is a condition of employment that is communicated to the employee at the time of hire.

Awards received for Safety Excellence:

  • Associated Builders and Contractors


  • Department of the Navy, NAVFAC Southeast, 2 million Man-Hour Incident Free Mark
  • CURT - The Construction Users Roundtable National Construction Industry Safety Excellence
  • Metropolitan Safety Council Award of Merit - Occupational Safety Contest
  • Associated General Contractors Certificate of Commendation for Safety Excellence

Broadmoor trains all of its employees in 
Safety at the Boh Bros. Almonaster 
Training Facility in New Orleans. This 
shared corporate resource provides our 
organization with a great asset and 
shows our commitment to sending our 
people home to their families safe and 

Statement of Commitment to Safety

The safety of all persons comes first. Broadmoor aims for the highest standards in safety performance. We continuously develop our safety policies and procedures as well as their effective implementation.

Broadmoor emphasizes the importance of prioritizing safety above all other goals through awareness, knowledge, and preparedness. We strive to instill a safety-conscious attitude into all of our employees, as it is crucial that we look out for ourselves and one another.

We commit to safety through strategy and communication. Broadmoor promises to always discover a solution to any potential threat in order to maintain a safe and healthy work environment.



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