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BP Amoco Holstein Living Quarters

Designed to accommodate 146 men, the Holstein Topsides Living Module for BP Amoco is three levels of to 3-1/2 thick, high strength, grade 60 steel construction. In its early stages of construction at the J. Ray McDermott, Inc. Amelia Facility, Broadmoor provided the design and coordination of all interior penetrations for conduit, piping, plumbing, and HVAC, as well as the placement of door and window openings. Broadmoor constructed the interior build-out of the module, which includes a galley, living accommodations, operations offices, emergency facilities, and mechanical and electrical switch gear station.

The coordination of Broadmoor and McDermott has provided a successful team in the offshore construction industry. A blast wall was constructed between the drilling apparatus and the living module. This was accomplished with a 3-foot space between two solid steel walls which act as a heat and shock absorption barrier.

The topsides stress skin engineering, as designed by Mustang Engineering, is a system by which the inner and bulkhead walls are constructed to share tension loads and stresses with the columns and beams. With steel angle beams welded at 2-foot intervals throughout the facility, the loads are transferred to the walls. The spars topsides have bulky proportions weighing in at 27,000 tons.

Owner: BP America, Inc.

Architect: Broadmoor, LLC

Contract Value: $15,685,000

Services: General Contractor


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