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NASA Michoud Assembly Facility Projects

The Michoud Assembly Facility is an 832-acre site owned by NASA in New Orleans East. Organizationally, it is part of NASA'sMarshall Space Flight Center, and is currently a multi-tenant complex, allowing commercial and government contractors, as well as government agencies, to use the site. Broadmoor has had the opportunity to work directly for NASA, building and renovating facilities on the site, as well as for private commercial entities.

For NASA, we have built a new, $26 million Vertical Assembly Building (VAB) - bringing an important piece of NASA’s vision for the future of human space flight and exploration to reality. The building was built to serve as the campus’s production facility that accommodates the unique requirements associated with ARES I Upper Stage final assembly operations. The building has a footprint of 200 feet by 115 feet and stands one hundred and sixty feet 160 feet tall. The foundation for the structure consists of more than four hundred 110-foot by 16-inch square precast concrete pilings with a slab thickness of 2 feet.

Other assignments for NASA have included highly technical foundation work in preparation for housing upgraded technical equipment, renovations to industrial buildings, the building of new equipment platforms, and the construction of a new, $21 million redundant pump station.

For a private contractor of NASA’s, the Swedish industrial company ESAB, we were responsible for building a new Vertical Assembly Center (VAC) for use by the new heavy-lift Space Launch System designed to support the forthcoming human missions to Mars. This VAC is the first of its kind in North America, and built alongside construction work at Florida’s Kennedy Space Center, it will hopefully provide the infrastructure needed for the first human landing on Mars in the years ahead.

Owner: NASA, Private Contractors

Architect: Varied

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Services: General Contractor


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