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U. S. Navy Family Housing Development

Navy HousingBroadmoor provided resources to win a project which became a Public/Private Venture between the Department of the Navy, and its private venture partner, Patrician Management. The project was to deliver multifamily housing for the military. Broadmoor, LLC designed and constructed 525 new townhouse style residences and renovated 432 existing homes at the New Orleans Naval Air Station in Belle Chasse.

Broadmoor provided the engineering and construction of all roadways, utilities, and infrastructure on base to accommodate the master plan. As an integral part of the Project Development Team, Broadmoor worked closely with the town planning firm of Duany, Plater-Zyberk, renowned urban planners, to create a community based on DPZ’s "New Urbanist” or "Neo-Traditional” philosophies.

An administration building, community building, six management staff units, pedestrian bridges, and playgrounds afforded a measurable increase in the quality of life for the military families. Common greenspace and the preservation of mature live oaks provide a park like environment which further enhances the unique sense of place for the community.

Three and four bedroom units based on traditional regional design are joined in groups of up to six homes. Four to six of these multi-family buildings are clustered with front porches facing intimate public greens and quiet streets. Parking and services are hidden in rear alleys. The building clusters are compactly arranged around the public structures and main site features to provide a pedestrian friendly community that encourages personal interaction. Modern materials are combined with traditional design to create safe, energy-efficient and environmentally friendly homes.

The neo-traditional aesthetic provides porches and balconies, wide shade-producing overhangs, large windows to channel breezes, and minimal exterior wall exposure. Use of durable, sustainable materials such as cement siding and treated wood finishes minimize maintenance and replacement costs over the years. Covered individual garages, fenced yards, and covered patio area provided for every unit.

Owner: Department of the Navy/Patrician Development

Architect: Broadmoor, LLC

Contract Value: $73,000,000

Size: 121.7 acres

Services: Design-Build Services


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