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Lakeside Shopping Center Macy's Parking Garage

Macys Parking GarageThis four-level, 1,300-car parking structure serves the Lakeside Shopping Center; a shopping center regularly touted as one of the busiest in the country. The garage serves the entire shopping mall, but specifically offers connecting pedestrian bridges to the Macy’s Department Store, one of the mall’s major anchors.

The massive foundation includes 617 ninety-foot, precast, pre-stressed concrete piles. In addition, over 1,200 one-piece timber piles were used to support the first floor slab and the large construction crane loading. A highly compressed construction period was necessary for this project in order to be complete for the Macy’s Grand Opening and the 2008 Holiday Season. The use of precast piles, precast panels, and double tees resulted in an efficient construction sequencing, allowing electrical, mechanical, plumbing and finishes to closely follow the erection of precast for the length of the building.

This structure measures 178-feet wide by 633-feet long. Tindall, a longtime pre-cast partner of Broadmoor’s, installed over 7,329 cubic yards of concrete, with the heaviest piece weighing in at 53,750 pounds. The project had a total of 1,023 precast pieces, making it one of the largest pre-cast projects in the region to-date.

The project won the Best Concrete Project Award from the Louisiana Chapter of the American Concrete Institute in 2008.

Owner: Lakeside Shopping Center

Architect: Broadmoor, LLC

Contract Value: $29,000,000

Size: 1,300-cars

Services: Design-Build Contractor


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