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MacFrugal's Corporate Headquarters and Distribution Center

MacFrugal's DistributionThe MacFrugal’s Distribution Center was one of the finest facilities of its kind in the world when it was built. This project represented a leap in the operations of Broadmoor in the early 1990’s, as it represented the largest contract for design-build services in the state of Louisiana, and certainly the largest single project ever contracted by Broadmoor. It set a bar that Broadmoor has built upon and continues to raise in the construction industry for excellence in design-build services.

Utilizing computer and robotic technology, the center could stock, store, and retrieve merchandise with increased speed and efficiency. The facility was designed to distribute the merchandise for 200 stores across the Southeast. The warehouse featured 1.1 million square feet of "super-flat” floors that were calibrated to within 1/16th of an inch in order to accommodate the robotic vehicles that managed the movement of merchandise. It took 255,000 cubic feet of cement to lay the foundation of the facility.

At 60,000,000 cubic square feet of volume, the warehouse stacked merchandise in aisles to a height of 25 feet. The building also had 6 miles of computerized conveyor systems. The structure required 8,000,000 tons of steel to build, enough to complete half of a 600 foot Navy ship.

Ten years after much of the building was destroyed by a fire, the warehouse portion of the project is still in use today for distribution and warehousing for several companies in the Almonaster Michoud Industrial District of New Orleans.

Owner: Pic N’ Save West Coast Liquidators, Inc.

Contract Value: $42,000,000

Size: 1.24 million square feet

Services: Design-Build Contractor


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