From Intern to Employee: Michael Gruezke

Being an intern does not equate to starting at the very bottom in one’s career. Instead, it can be defined as the first significant step toward achieving one’s career goals. Broadmoor believes in providing interns with the knowledge and hands-on experience that they need in order to open doors to new opportunities as it did for Project Engineer Michael Gruezke, who began as an intern and became a Broadmoor employee.

Starting in October 2014, with a Bachelor of Science in Finance while completing a Masters in Construction Management, Michael’s internship in project engineering began as a three month experience where he took part in several of Broadmoor’s NASA projects that were in progress at the time. His tasks included that of a Project Engineer’s usual responsibilities, his main focus being document control, while his other tasks included procurement, quality control, cost control, and field support.

Michael’s involvement, not unlike that of an official employee, allowed him to offer meaningful contribution to Broadmoor’s projects alongside his coworkers. After three months passed, his time as an intern was extended, providing opportunities for him to become accustomed to the workplace, to communicate more frequently with coworkers, and to apply his skills further to projects while using the experience to learn and to grow.

When the opportunity presented itself for Michael to move from Intern to Project Engineer, the transition into this position was a smooth process. As a Project Engineer, he carries the same responsibilities as he did during his internship with a more expansive view of the processes from start to finish.

Michael continues to use his experiences as a means to always improve, ultimately reflecting that of Broadmoor’s own goal to grow from each experience and from the lessons that we have learned.

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