Intern Testimonials

I just wanted to say how extremely grateful I am for the opportunity Broadmoor gave me this winter break. I have picked up valuable skills and experience that I will be able to apply to my degree and to my career. Broadmoor has opened countless doors for me and I am very excited to see where it takes me.

- Brent Neal, Project Management Internship

I am so fortunate to have had this opportunity to intern with Broadmoor. From the beginning I was welcomed as part of the team. The Superintendent and Project Manager that I was able to closely work with during this internship taught me many things that school simply doesnít cover. I did everything from material take-offs and paperwork in the field office to checking accuracy of work done on site and supervising a subcontractor. I would recommend this internship to anyone who is serious about learning what it takes to be a Construction Manager.

- Marcos de Souza, Field Operations Management Internship

Broadmoor has a very welcoming environment. From the moment I was introduced to everyone, I knew I was going to have a great experience. I was welcomed as part of the team on jobsites, and the teamwork was an amazing thing to be a part of since everyone knew the importance of communication. My internship offered a unique experience that I could not have been taught in school, and so Iím grateful for my time with Broadmoor and would highly recommend the experience to others.

- Mallory Stout, Construction Management Internship

I spent my time as an intern with Broadmoor at the NASA Michoud Assembly Facility in New Orleans East. I was able to work closely with my supervisors and experience firsthand what the construction industry was all about, touching on many aspects of the construction process from estimating to management to fieldwork. The experience was something invaluable to me moving forward with my career. An internship at Broadmoor is a great springboard for anyone looking to break into the construction industry.

- Michael Gruezke, Project Engineering Internship

At Broadmoor, I was treated as more than an intern. I was an employee. During orientation, I was introduced to every employee of each department and learned of their roles at Broadmoor, allowing me to instantly feel less like a stranger to the team. The opportunity to improve my core skills began immediately as I was given relevant tasks on the first day so that I may quickly and effectively grow accustomed to the workplace. Not once did I find myself unable to ask questions. The Broadmoor team showed me kindness, patience, and guidance whenever I needed them. I would certainly recommend an internship with Broadmoor to those who want valuable hands-on experience.

- Nicole Cerritelli, Marketing Internship

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