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Broadmoor LLC


Superdome: Ten Year Anniversary - Monday, September 26, 2016

Ten years ago today, Broadmoor made good on a promise to Tom Benson, the NFL, the Saints Team and Broadmoor Superdome Teamthe managers of the Superdome, SMG, that we would complete the necessary repairs to restore the Dome to "Football Ready" status in order to open for the NFL Monday Night Football game between the Saints and the Atlanta Falcons. This achievement became not only a milestone in Broadmoor’s history, but the return of the Superdome and its home team spoke volumes to the City of New Orleans.

Originally, it was assumed that the project would not be completed until 2007. Further into the debate, 2006 became a possibility, when Paul Tagliabue, the NFL Commissioner, said that the team had to be in New Orleans for the 2006 Season. With a community in need of a significant symbol of hope amidst the tragedy, it became clear what a positive impact the return to the Superdome could have should it be completed in time for the first Saints home game. Broadmoor's promise to have the Dome "football-ready” in six months required that we put a collaborative management approach in place that divided all the scopes of work among the team and closely coordinate between suppliers and subcontractors in order to assure that the schedule was maintained.

Taking on a massive project with an important completion date comes with its share of challenges. During the initial stages of the activities inside the Superdome, Broadmoor worked around the remediation contractor hired by the State, who was still performing the clean-up from the interior destruction. The challenge of the Dome’s physical conditions included a lack of working plumbing, water, or air conditioning in the 1.9 million square foot building during the hottest summer months.

A lack of vertical conveyances required the movement of materials and manpower on the ramps. In tackling this challenge, the work had to be orchestrated to protect completed areas working from the top to the bottom of the building. Broadmoor devised a rhythmic plan in which the ramps were designated as "Up” or "Down” for vertical circulation, which alternated to accommodate the progression of work. The flow of this essential coordination resulted in a smooth process that prevented the collision of the vehicles used to maneuver so many companies working in the building at once.

The impact the Superdome’s completion would have on the community held great significance for the Broadmoor team. The 12-person project management team, many suffering great personal losses themselves, worked tirelessly to achieve this goal. The project provided an unprecedented learning opportunity to hone team work skills. The scope of work and intense pressure was further heightened when the game was moved from a Sunday game to Monday Night Football. Being watched by the world pushed Broadmoor’s construction teams to interface in unprecedented ways. With the right planning, and the right team on board, Broadmoor succeeded in having the Superdome ready in time for that much needed homecoming.

Because Broadmoor actually completed the necessary repairs ahead of schedule, we were able to further exceed expectations of the owners with a broadened scope. In addition to achieving our desired goal, Broadmoor utilized most of the time remaining before the first home game with renovations that included new flooring, concessions and finishes.

Just as the Superdome profile in the skyline of the City of New Orleans is an icon, the rebuilding of the Superdome became a symbol of the rebirth of the City itself. The collective understanding of the importance of this project was as pervasive as the despair of the event that created its necessity. Broadmoor was honored to be a significant force in this historic moment, as it is an example of how we strive to honorably serve our community.

"As Construction Managers for the Louisiana Stadium and Exposition District (LSED), Broadmoor LLC met the biggest challenge in the history of stadium construction in the USA…The Saints won that night, but so did the entire state of Louisiana, thanks to the outstanding team effort led by Broadmoor.”

– Doug Thornton, SMG Regional Vice President.