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Puppet Theater for Young Audiences - Wednesday, May 20, 2015

A team of enthusiastic volunteers have been busy working on an outdoor puppet theater building for the Young Audiences Charter School at Kate Middleton, in Gretna, LA. The Young Audiences Charter School program is an arts integrated curriculum, the only one currently in Jefferson Parish. Young Audiences of Louisiana is a local non-profit with affiliates across the country. Young Audiences Charter School at Kate Middleton caters to the very young age of Pre- K4 to 5th Grade levels.

With the help of Mathes Brierre Architects providing a plan and several other Young Audiences volunteers, Broadmoor’s Richard Rogers, Terry Perkins, John Allwein, Chad Perkins, Mike Geeck, Melquis Martinez, Blake Starkley and Roy Mouledous all contributed time and material to construct an exciting outdoor theater for the students.

Volunteers pictured here are from the left: John Allwein (BRM), Elizabeth Chin (MB), Adam Parker (YA),Angela Morton (MB), Carly Rogers (YA), Richard Rogers (BRM), Steve Rooney (YA), Phil Bloomberg (YA), (not pictured is Scott Evans of Mathes Brierre). With the ultimate goal of helping Young Audiences Charter School with their facility development, this team has contributed time and expertise on building the outdoor Puppet Theater at the school. The children are already having fun-filled learning experiences in their new creative theater..

The Young Audiences program has affiliates across the nation with a mission to provide an enhanced educational experience for all school age children through acreative, nurturing and challenging curriculum.Visit their website at and learn about this program at