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Broadmoor LLC


Ochsner Pedestrian Bridge Installation - Saturday, July 20, 2013

As part of our Internal Medicine Relocation project with Ochsner Hospital, Broadmoor erected a 354 foot long pedestrian bridge in late July that spans across Jefferson Highway connecting Ochsner's Brent House and main campus to the new Internal Medicine facility across the street. This fully enclosed, air-conditioned pedestrian bridge will carry both employees and patients safely across the highway in the future. Scheduled to open at the end of 2013, a ceremony was recently held after the initial bridge erection with dignitaries from the State of Louisiana and Jefferson Parish signifying the progress of Ochsner as the leading healthcare provider in the State of Louisiana.

The project is the conversion of
what was a massive Sears warehouse on the lake side of Jefferson Highway. The new Internal Medicine Facility is for Ochsner's general practitioners with a second warehouse being repurposed for parking.